Alexander David McMath is a general consultant with expertise in strategic communications, business development and competitive intelligence, and instructional design. He is dedicated to helping his partners keep their assets in the right place, at the right time, conveying the right message, collecting the right feedback, to and from the right audience, in order to evoke right values and foster right relationships between himself, his partners, and all stakeholders. Alexander has experience in academic policy/political, and private sector environments. As a lover of solving problems, Alexander is always looking to provide a more robust solution than was originally suggested.

Well, that’s a good intro to Alexander, the up-and-coming professional. Meanwhile, in reality, It is very likely that you may call me Alex. I write in this blog to record my thoughts on various topics for a few reasons: (1) to reflect for myself on their developments over time; (2) to share them with peers for confirmation, revision, or disproval; (3) to keep my thoughts moving in small steps towards larger strategic or scholarly outcomes; and (4) to document that I was right about something before it happened. In all honesty, however, “thought leadership” is nice, but I much prefer good relationships and good results.


The obligatory: I am no longer serving on active duty. This picture in uniform does not imply DoD endorsement of any of my opinions.

A few more details follow. I was born and raised in Northern California (Oakland, to be exact; “GO RAIDERSis where my hair has gone, but at least the Warriors and Giants are good), but I now consider Colorado Springs, Colorado to be my home after bonding with the beautiful scenery and inviting community there during my military service. I’ve visited 37 of the 50 United States as well as multiple cities in Canada and Europe, and I am eager for new opportunities to travel and add new language capabilities. As a military officer and international relations scholar, I also cultivate strategic and economic knowledge of the Middle East & North Africa, Central Asia, and China/Japan/Korea regions.

I attended the Head-Royce School in California, and earned my S.B. from the Department of Brain and Cognitive Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I’m currently completing a Master of Arts in Diplomacy with Norwich University. After early experience in government consulting and the startup space, I joined the United States Army, taking a commission as an Officer of Military Intelligence and serving my country for four years.

While I was still a staff officer U.S. Army 4th Infantry Division and student at Norwich, I started exploring options for a consulting practice. When I transitioned from the Army, I started working and learning in earnest with engagements in electoral politics and policy advocacy, expanding decisively into the private sector following the 2014 elections. And now, some more stuffy things:

Alexander is a member of the Sigma Iota Rho honor society, the National Association for Uniformed Services, the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University, the Data Science Association, the Association for Information and Image Management, and the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. He is also a non-partisan campaign instructor with Veterans Campaign, and a mentor with American Corporate Partners and

On a personal note, I currently reside in the South End neighborhood of Boston; I keep an omnivorous appetite for music and a rather incongruous love of professional wrestling.

Probably better if you can't see this. I'm standing in front of the American flag making a slight duck face.

You’ll either like this picture or hate it. That makes it a good introduction to me.


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