Advocacy and Messaging In One (Very Dense) Email I Had Occasion to Send

Hey [100% real original recipient],
Hope the family is enjoying their Sunday. Totally forgot when I was supposed to follow up with you 😦 …so how about now?! [Yeah, I wrote that. Erring on the side of follow-up and kindness, which I’m sure is written by someone somewhere.]
Tying in with the article I sent you about disruption, [this goes] a bit further on the origin of resistance to new ideas in breaking old personal and social habits, which is difficult without the resources to concentrate on (more than one group of) specific adopters.
Saving graces to disruption, though, are backlash against the old and latent affinity for (some of) the new (as a subset of other, more arcane breaches of cognitive models) . Metaphor and likability/influence techniques are what exploit them for the introduction of ‘new’ (lol) ideas, and what form the bridge to applications to social identity and productivity (reverse the order sometimes) which evangelize your ontology as (underpinning) an act of love. LOVE I TELL YOU! lol [Yup, wrote that too.]
The attachment is a longer guide on changing habits. (Incidentally, the [‘evangelize’] link is something I showed to Sarah early on.) Bonus: The other attachment describes what you can pin the opposition with by implication [if it applies].
Looking forward to chatting with you soon!
[Small confession: I added a few links to make my side-prattle have some value and not be totally Gwyenth Paltrow-ish.]

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