Who’s REALLY the worst Supreme Court Justice ever?


Justices appointed by Republican administrations totally hate women and minorities, you guys. And I think Bill Maher made a joke about Scalia being in the closet or something. He’s obviously our generation’s Lenny Bruce!

I suppose I should have expected Antonin Scalia to top the Google results, followed closely by Clarence Thomas.

But you’d think all those highly educated, Earl Warren-loving, social justice-obsessed liberals who have blogged and backlinked those poor Reagan/H.W. appointees (neither of whom is Chief Justice) in to oblivion might have objected to one of the following: Roger Taney causing the Civil War; or the Stone court giving us the joy of both Korematsu v. United States and the problematic international court system created in the tradition of Nuremburg* (after loaning out Justice Robert H. Jackson as a prosecutor for the same in the first place); or perhaps Ward Hunt standing idly by while Reconstruction got bumblef**ked away and then ruling against Susan B. Anthony, thus sentencing women’s suffrage to another 40 years, and then trying to continue to hold his seat on the bench after having a massive stroke because he needed to vest for his pension (now we know where Woodrow Wilson got the idea).

Alright, I promise I’ll get back to geopolitics, economics, and technology on the next post.

*And really, how you gonna get accused of running a kangaroo court and still let some of the Nazis get acquitted?!


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